Wieliczka Salt Mine Regular Tour

Brief History of the Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Salt Mine of Wieliczka has for a long time been a first-rate tourist attraction on a worldwide scale. In 1978 was entered on the UNESCO First World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

The Salt Mine welcomes visitors the whole year round and is still the working enterprise. The extraction of rock salt started around 1290 so it has been in existence for well over 700 years.

It stretches over a huge area. There are over 2040 chambers where excavation has now been abandoned, distributed Throughout nine levels.

They are connected by corridors of a total length of 200 km. Level 1 lies at the depth of 64 m below ground level, while Level 9 goes down to a depth of 327 m. The excavation sites available for sightseeing aren’t the oldest ones. However, some of them go back to the seventeenth century.

What to Expect from the tour

Your trip starts at your hotel or our Meeting point when English-speaking tour leader come for you according to the time of booking.

Transport to Wieliczka Salt Mine takes about 40 minutes. After you will arrive at Wieliczka, have covered the 378 stairs 64 m down to Level 1 the guide tell you about safety regulations in the mine during your visit.

Then your English speaking guide will take you up 140 metres underground for a 2,5 h tourist route almost 3 kilometres long full of many unique chambers with amazing carving, statues made of salt. At the end of the route are souvenirs shop and snack bar. From here you will be take up to the surface by the high-speed lift.

Tour Highlights:

  • Tour takes 4,5 h. in total (including transport)
  • Tour includes English Guided Tour in Wieliczka Salt Mine, entrance tickets and transport. (*We also offer Hotel pick up – Click here to see if we could pick you up from you accomodation)
  • You will Visit UNESCO World Heritage–listed place
  • Descent 140 metres underground
  • Amazing atmosphere and chambers with statues made of salt
  • Salt Mine remains 14-16 °C ( 57 °F ) degrees.
  • See Chapel of the Blessed Kinga.

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