Auschwitz-Birkenau – Traces of Memory around Former Concentration Camp

This is probably the only one way to visit concentration camps due to known circumstances.

This product is a temporary solution for visiting Auschwitz Birkanau Camps. You will see the former barracs and places listed above but please note that the visiting Auschwitz & Birkenau from inside is phisycally impossible.

This professional English Guided tour will take you from your hotel to Oswiecim – where the Auschwitz and Birkenau camps are located. During this service you wil visit usually skipped but very significant places of historical events related to Natzi’s Death Camps.

This Guided Tour will cover:

  • A place commemorating the arrival of the first transport – a commemorative plaque at the school and tracks ( origin, foundation of the camp, concentration camp, Poles in the camp).
  • House of Rudolf Hoess – camp commander.
  • Monument to Soviet POWs
  • White and red house (first gas chambers in Birkenau)
  • Judenramp – two original wagons, sketches of prisoners – transports were brought there until 1944
  • Birkenau Gate from the outside (wooden barracs & brick barracks).
  • The church at Birkenau
  • Collective grave (where they buried prisoners who died after the liberation or just before)
  • Center for dialogue and prayer
  • Fountain of Tears – Sculpted dialogue of suffering between the Holocaust and the Crucifixion. It is located in Arad, Israel, and a replica in Brzezinka, close to the former Auschwitz camp

Tour Highlights:

  • Tour takes 6 hours in total (including transport)
  • Tour includes English Guide and Tour Leader (*We also offer Hotel pick up – Click here to see if we could pick you up from you accomodation)
  • Hear stories about everyday lives of prisoners
  • You will learn more about the Nazi Holocaust
  • Entrance to Auschwitz & Birkenau is not included

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