Auschwitz Birkenau Regular Tour

Brief History of the Auschwitz Camp

The Nazi camp Auschwitz was established in 1941 when first prisoners were delivered by train. For 4 years camp Auschwitz was being expanded until Auschwitz II Birkenau with gas chambers and then Auschwitz III – work camp were emerged.

In 1945 thousands of people physically and mentally destroyed were liberated. Unfortunately, The SS in a hurry destroyed most of the evidence of crimes and tests carried out on prisoners.

What to Expect from the tour

Your Auschwitz tour starts at your hotel where a minivan with an English tour leader will come for you. The distance between Krakow and museum in Auschwitz Birkenau is around 65 kilometers so it takes approximately 1 h 30 minutes one way.

The tour includes visits in two camps – Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Birkenau. In Auschwitz I you will stay approximately 2 h then you will be transferred with your tour leader to Auschwitz II Birkenau where you will spend about 1h.

You will see the remains of barracks, watchtower, railway ramps, gas chambers and crematorium. After completing the sightseeing you will return back to Cracow and finish the tour at the reception of your hotel.

In Museum your tour leader will introduce you to your guide who will accompany during sightseeing.

Tour Highlights:

  • Tour takes 7,5 hours in total (including transport)
  • Tour includes English Guided Tour in both camps, entrance tickets and transport. (*We also offer Hotel pick up – Click here to see if we could pick you up from you accomodation)
  • You will Visit UNESCO World Heritage–listed place
  • Hear stories about everyday lives of prisoners
  • You will learn more about the Nazi Holocaust

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